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Spotting and Stamping Out Hate Crime

Sports Direct has been working with Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire Victim Services, to help Team Leaders of its Shirebrook based distribution centre understand how to identify hate crime, and how to support potential victims. The information was delivered to employees of Sports Direct, The Best Connection and Transline Group through a series of workshops, which were delivered by Charlotte Baldwin, Victim Caseworker for Derbyshire Victim Services (DVS) and Police Sergeant Mark Church.

In these workshops team members were made aware of what exactly defines a hate crime; a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. They also learned how these crimes can make victims feel isolated, fearful and hostile. To help develop a better understanding of the psychological impact of these incidents team members heard testimonies from victims of hate crime.

Attendees of the workshop were encouraged to be vocal during the session to discuss how they perceive hate crimes and their impact. This sort of group work creates a dialogue that can be used to understand and identify prominent issues within the community. Team members were also taught how to identify potential signs of destress, what support is available, and how to report incidents properly in order to support any colleagues that may be victims of hate crime.

The public focus on lowering hate crime across the UK came after the Home Office announced a 19% increase in reported hate crimes between 2015/2016. This was the result of 62,518 recorded crimes where one or more of the motivating factors were based on the discrimination of race, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, or transgender. In response to this increase the victim charity Remedi obtained funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver a victim service in Derbyshire.

Sergeant Mark Church who is responsible for the Safer Neighbourhood Police Team in Shirebrook said

“We work closely with the DVS to support the people of Shirebrook. My team consist of 4 police officers, 3 PCSOs and 3 volunteers, one of whom actually works here at Sports Direct. We are all local, in this way we are very much a part of the community we represent.”

Sports Direct has a continued working relationship with Derbyshire Police, and the company will continue to help support all efforts to lower crime within Shirebrook.

If you or somebody you know is a victim of hate crime you can find support on the Derbyshire Victim Services website at

If any victims of Hate Crime want more information about Restorative Justice please access the website below: