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The Fastest member of the SD Family

Congratulations Team RTS for finishing third in this year’s Mini Challenge Championship, and for becoming the fastest member of the SD Family.

This weekend Richard Mills battled to finish third in the Open 180 class at Snetterton Circuit. This podium finish cemented team RTS’ third position overall for the year. John Chapman Director of team RTS said: “ I’m very happy with the result, to finish third overall in our first year is a massive accomplishment”. Team RTS also finished third at Snetterton in the Cooper Class, adding to the celebratory atmosphere of the day.

To make this more exciting, Richard’s Mini crossed the line proudly displaying a Sports Direct logo. Team RTS are working with Sports Direct on one of our SD Family Projects and John thought it made perfect sense to let the racing world know.

John also runs Events On Track, an race experience day that helps you find your inner race car driver. Events On Track is much more than an ordinary track day or supercar experience; they will fuel your imagination and train your instincts, to ensure you have an experience you’ll never forget

When you book with Events On Track, you’re not paying to turn up to a track do three laps and then leave disappointed. You are entering yourself into Team RTS;

“We wanted to create a day where everyone has the chance to experience the true motorsport ambiance”

Next year Team RTS will aim their sights high again. Coming back with more cars more drivers with the full support of the SD Family.

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