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Sports Direct’s Staff Football Season Debates and Predictions

It's fair to say that the team here at Sports Direct Head Office are predictably passionate about all things sport. With this in mind, it's no surprise that with the premier league 2016/17 season starting this Saturday, more than a few casual debates have sparked up this week. The canteen has become a battleground where conflicting opinions create comedic war cries of injustice and the uninitiated look on in utter bewilderment.

Here we tackle the real questions, with Leicester's narrow defeat at Wembley on Sunday, do they have the talent to repeat the success of last season? Many here would disagree with alternative camps rising up in support of Manchester City and Chelsea (who may have the legs after not playing any European football), Whilst others stick by Manchester United.

Even Neil Jones, a devout Liverpool man, expressed this seemingly blasphemes opinion;

" Manchester United, with Mourinho and their recent transfer decisions will have the upper hand and they stand a real chance of winning the league. Although it will be a battle this season and my faith is as always with Liverpool who may just go on to surprise us all”.

One name that doesn't appear in any discussion on this topic is Arsenal. The general consensus is that the club has failed to secure a striker this season. However, despite this many here think they will still qualify for the Champions League and continue their annual tradition of coming in fourth.

The lunch table tips for 2016/17 relegation and surprises;

Relegation predictions seems to be pretty cemented with many believing the writing is on the wall for Burnley, Hull, and Sunderland.

Most predictions for the surprise of the season are pretty pedestrian; Liverpool, West Ham and Watford. Alas, hands down, the lunch tables top predictions for this season came from Joel Turner:

"There will be no surprises quite like last year. Everton will finish above Spurs, Does that count? Man City will win the first derby 3-0, Then a crater will appear in the centre circle, a hand will rise from the depths to drag Jose to the center of the earth kicking and screaming like a little baby, Oh and Christian Benteke will be top scorer."

In summary, the 2016/17 season is going to be pretty exciting, Leicester demonstrated last year that anything can happen, as a result of this we should see a lot of interesting battles, as the field doesn't appear to be wide open for anyone to just walk away with it this year.

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