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Small Actions Save Lives: How you can help a local homeless charity

Unwanted clothes, canned food or just a simple hello, helping your local homeless community doesn’t have to be complicated. This is the message Mansfield Soup Kitchen a Nottinghamshire homeless charity want you to know as winter approaches.

Sarah Spalding coordinator at Mansfield Soup Kitchen explained how simple it is to get involved. Searching Facebook or a quick call to your local council can be the first step towards making a difference. There are lots of ways to help and You don't have to make a donation of money. Some people start with buying just one extra can with your weekly shop or by donating their old winter jacket. You could donate your time as a volunteer. All these simple things make a massive difference.

Mansfield Soup Kitchen was formed in autumn 2015. Originally Sarah was planning to run the project for six weeks, that was over a year ago and they are still going strong. They work 24/7 with the local homeless community to provide them with warm meals, fresh clothing, toiletries, and shelter. “It’s amazing how a warm meal, a cuppa, and a good chat can really make a difference”. Rhonda MSK coordinator.

Last year Sports Direct donated camping equipment, food parcels, and their time as volunteers at MSK. This is where Sarah met Chris who helps with Sports Directs community outreach programme. She contacted him recently to ask for some help in the run up to Christmas. Chris quickly found a way to help and Sports Direct donated over 1,100 pieces of camping equipment. This will go a long way to restocking their inventory in time for winter.

Remember you can have a massive impact using small actions. Saying hello, donating socks, dropping off some cupboard food these are simple things that we can all do. Rhonda MSK Coordinator said, “When you suffer from depression and you feel isolated a hello from a stranger could be the start of a brighter day, kindness cost nothing.”

Watch the video of MSK explaining in their own words how you can help, below. You can find them on Facebook here

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