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More Amazing Rewards for Sports Direct Staff

Well done to the team members in the West Midlands and South Wales area who last week were the latest group who got to enjoy a 'Once in a Lifetime’ all expenses paid holiday, on the slopes of Verbier, Switzerland! Sports Direct run this initiative throughout the year to recognize the great work put in by all areas of the business.

A team of Area, Store and Assistant Managers hit the slopes as a reward for their constant hard work and dedication as well as the results they deliver within the business by achieving excellent kpi's as well as supporting the work we are doing as a company in Europe .

One of the lucky ones was Cally, she has only been a Store Manager since September of last year but in that time she has achieved more than we could expect from a Manager and not to mention the fact that only two and a half years ago Cally was just a part time member in one of the smallest stores in Wales.

In such a short period Cally has already turned the store staff in to a TEAM which it was always missing and now working together they are achieving more than ever before. It’s important to note that Cally was nominated by Stephen Doxey (Regional Manager). Cally is definitely the future of Sports Direct, if she can achieve what she has in such a short space of time and continues with her great attitude toward her role then she will have a very bright future with us and many rewards like this to come .

“I had an amazing time and can't believe I was allowed to enjoy this experience with so many great people, things like this don't happen to me!”

It just shows that hard work does pay off with Sports Direct!

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