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Global Brand & Sports Marketing Manager Leanne Takes Me Through Her Career Highlights

Today I managed to get 10 minutes with a very busy Leanne; between launching Global Brand Campaigns and liaising with world famous ambassadors, Leanne found time to take me through her journey with Sports Direct, how she has progressed and what some of her career highlights are….

Hi Leanne; so how long have you been with Sports Direct?

Over 4 years now…it has flown by!

Have you stayed in the same role since you started?

No I have had a few since starting in 2012, I started as a Graphic Designer in the Retail Marketing team. I worked on all kinds of POS, brochures and window displays etc. that would have been seen across the UK and Europe. I found out about the role through the web; I am local to the Head Office so I was keeping my eyes on Sports Direct for opportunities.

So now you’re a Brand Manager. How did that happen?

Well I’ve had about 4 roles in total, but I have always had my eye on Brand Manager. Whenever an opportunity came up in the brands team, I would go to the Marketing Director and put myself forward. I’d never worked in that environment before but I was determined to prove myself. By about the third time this happened the Director came to me first, probably pre-empting my onslaught. I snapped up the opportunity to work in Sports Marketing as a gateway to brands. Within a short space of time my drive was rewarded by a promotion to Brand Executive, and just under a year ago, again to Brand Manager.

That’s amazing! So a little about your role - I know you have just finished a shoot in Tenerife, how was that?

It was amazing but very hard work – and very long days! I somehow managed to be perky every morning, which is odd as I’m not ordinarily a morning person.

Brilliant, are you happy with the results of the shoot?

Yeah, I prefer the pool over the beach but I love the shots we got for the beachwear shoot, and my Karrimor running shots are actually my favourite for the brand so far! The shoot was hard due to the wind, but the sun was out and the photography team powered through and did a great job.

What has been your favourite moment in your career so far, or to make it more difficult, top three?

That’s tough. I definitely can’t narrow it to 1, but I can maybe say top 4. My first would have to be my all expenses paid trip to Verbier last year. The lodge is beautiful and you have your own instructor for the length of the trip.

So you’re a skier?

Oh no definitely not, but I loved every minute of it. We were treated like royalty for a week, I didn’t worry about a thing. It was a truly once in a lifetime experience!

The Tenerife shoot is definitely up there as well, and of course being involved in the USA Pro relationship with Little Mix has been great.

There’s so many when I think about it… but lastly I’d have to say being involved with the Wimbledon and Slazenger relationship, which is the longest brand association in history. I had the opportunity to go to Wimbledon last year and that’s something I will never forget.

That sounds amazing, what are you excited about going forward?

That’s hard to say, you really never know what’s around the corner in this job. I am currently working with some exciting ambassadors and brand campaigns that I cannot wait to reveal.

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Take a look at our current Marketing vacancies Here.

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